Welcome to Out Of Your League a Fantasy Football Podcast for the normal fantasy footballer.

Are we EXPERTS?!? Nope

Do we love Fantasy Football?!? YUP!

Are we going to make you pay for our podcast?!? Nope

We firmly believe that the best advice is FREE or as close to FREE as possible. We will, however, be providing affiliate linking to tools that we think work well and obviously to offset some costs. However past the boring stuff and onto introductions.

Mike: The brains of the operation, well sort of….I am a fantasy football fan with a bunch of at least 5 championships in the past 5-8 years of fantasy football. Am I perfect now, but my claim is picking up Ajayi last year off the wire the week he went off and kept him on my team, same with DeShaun Watson this year going off, then after that, I picked Up Goff just because I all along this has been helping me win some great games. I also picked up Elliot in the 4th round of one of my leagues which was a huge bonus until last week. I am 29 years old and have always been interested in Podcasting and I spend a ton of time looking up information for Fantasy Football. I am also a Middle School/High School Science Teacher. I know that sounds lame but it really isn’t. I look forward to providing you with a unique perspective on Fantasy Football in 30 minutes or less each week.

Andres: Fantasy Football Toilet Bowl/Champion….Literally puts up goose eggs every week starting the wrong players except when it counts. Came out of dead last to win the Championship last year.